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25.10.2023 | Hilton TLV Hotel


JOURNEY, Israel’s most prestigious annual High-Tech conference, is where you want to be!

From senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs to financial experts and world leading investors, now is your chance to join some 2,000 participants who are looking to gain insight and inspiration from over 100 of the biggest names in the industry.

The technological landscape is constantly evolving as more and more inventions are being introduced into the market.  While some products provide us with specific solutions, others are fully integrated into our lives causing their use to expand beyond their original purpose.  So what is really unfolding in the tech industry and how will new inventions play out once they are introduced into the market? This year’s JOURNEY will reveal how innovative technologies are transforming humanity and impacting our daily lives.



  • 08:00 - 09:00

Registration & gathering

  • 09:00 - 10:30


Live contest on stage - 8 selected entrepreneurs pitch new promising ventures, using multimedia, to attract 4 seasoned mentors as well as compete for the votes of investors, professionals and peer-entrepreneurs in the audience. In partnership with IBM Alpha Zone, Meitar Law Offices, ESOP, and Barry Katz.
Moderator: Elad Sternlicht (EY Israel)
Mentors: Ido Engel (Microsoft), Adam Fisher (Bessemer Venture Partners), Yifat Oron (Blackstone), Aya Peterburg (S Capital VC)

  • 10:30 - 11:00

Coffee break

  • 11:00- 11:15

THE JOURNEY SURPRISE! Don't miss the opening act

  • 11:15- 11:30

The Epic JOURNEY of Wile E Coyote

Yoram Tietz (EY Israel)

  • 11:30- 13:00

Plenary session

> Three steps to the future: Benedict Evans
> Wealth Management in a changing world: Francesco De Ferrari (Credit Suisse)
> Panel: Inside the Tornado
Moderator: Noam Canetti (EY Israel)
Participants: Liad Agmon (Insight Partners), Philippe Bouaziz (Deel), Or Offer (Similarweb), Michael Reitblat (Forter), Sivan Shamri Dahan (Qumra Capital)
> Scaling innovation: Young Sohn (Walden Catalyst)

  • 13:00- 14:00


  • 14:00-15:00

Session 1: Infinite reasons to merge

As we embark on the post-Covid economy with frequent macro-economical changes, it seems like, still, at the end of the day, there are infinite reasons to merge. In this session, we will explore the most crucial M&A theoretical and practical factors with an all-encompassing 360 point of view by founders, investors, strategic and financial acquirers, as well as legal advisors.

Moderator: Joshua Dubofsky (Latham & Watkins)
Speakers: Danny Akerman (Key1 Capital Management), Irit Kahan (DTCP), Dr. Daniel Pindur (CVC Advisers), Mike Rimon (Meitar Law Offices), Amir Schlachet (Global-e), Liat Zakay (Shopify)

  • 14:00-15:00

Session 2: Growing opportunities in cybersecurity - How to leverage the market and target CISO pain points

CISOs depend on numerous security products making the vendor selection process more challenging. In the current tumultuous market, cybersecurity startups must rise above the pack and show their long-term value. In this panel, we will host leading CISOs and cybersecurity entrepreneurs to explore how they view vendor opportunities in the already overflowing organizational security stacks, and what actionable insights they have for making the most of this turbulent time.

Moderator: Yoav Leitersdorf (YL Ventures)
Speakers: Royi Benyossef (Samsung Next), Gil Dabah (Piiano), Brooks Evans (Roblox), Liat Hayun (Eureka Security), Srinath Kuruvadi (Netflix), Justin Somaini (Unity)

  • 14:00-15:00

Session 3: Fintech - The end of the beginning?

As the fintech tries to get its house in order, it continues its onward march into every aspect of our lives. Yet beyond the industry’s internal challenges, external ones loom: regulators are turning the thumbscrews on innovations like payment-for-order-flow, crypto and BNPL and Big Tech is increasingly treading on fintech’s patch. In this session, we’ll take stock of current and future trends, and how fintechs and investors can use the current situation to ensure prosperity in the next seven years.

Moderator: Elliott Gotkine
Speakers: Omry Ben David (Viola Ventures), Elad Even-Chen (Plus500), Stuart Grant (SAP), Michal Kissos Hertzog (Poalim Hi-TECH),
Assaf Wand (Hippo Holdings Inc.)

  • 14:00-14:50

The art of investor relations track

What's happening in the capital markets and how should companies best position themselves to be ready for the next market wave? Building and maintaining the appropriate relationships and the right communications between the company with existing and potential investors and analysts is an art and critical component of managing expectations and telling the story of your business. In this session, we will address the and pros & cons of non-deal roadshows, level of data expected to be provided to analysts, the information that should be shared to build a financial model and more.

Part 1: What’s happening in the capital markets amid stormy times
Moderator: Marc Jaffe (Latham & Watkins)
Speakers: Justin Forsythe (Credit Suisse), Chris King (OTC Markets Group), Moshe Orenbuch (Credit Suisse), Erez Shachar (Qumra Capital)

Fireside chat: Justin Sterling (Credit Suisse) and Marc Jaffe (Latham & Watkins)

  • 14:50-16:00

The art of investor relations track

Part 2: The art of public investor relations
Moderator: Sharon Zalewski (EY Israel)
Speakers: Christopher Danne (The Blueshirt Group), Eliran Glazer (, Tamar Rapaport Dagim (Amdocs), Jason Schwartz (Similarweb), Josh Siegel (CyberArk Software), Dan Shamgar (Meitar Law Offices), Joseph Wolf (Credit Suisse Israel)

  • 15:00-16:00

Session 4: Technological innovation and the future of hospitals – What hospitals will want in 2030

The healthcare space is undergoing a major transformation – health providers are increasingly beginning to adopt smart systems and investment in digitalization, interconnectivity and automation is on the rise. In this session, we will discuss the trends, factors and players that are playing a role in transforming the hospitals of today into the smart hospitals of the future.

Moderator: Yahal Zilka (10D VC)
Speakers: Michael Braginsky (Aidoc), Dr. Eran Eden (MeMed), Dana Feuchtbaum (Nym Health), Prof. Ehud Raanani (Sheba Medical Center), Moran Shochat Snir (Nest Genomics), Dr. Tamir Wolf (Theator)

  • 15:00-16:00

Session 5: Workshop - Web 3.0 & me

The original tenets of the internet, at its inception, were rooted in decentralization: a bottoms-up network powered by open-source software and the transparent, trust-less dissemination of information. Over the past ~15 years, we've seen this paradigm flipped on it's head entirely through a seismic consolidation of power toward centralized, rent-seeking platforms. Now, blockchain technology gives us tools to break down the walled gardens built by these institutions, enabling us to build a new internet — one that is permissionless, transparent, composable, and owned by those who build and use it. In this session, we'll cover key subsegments of the crypto/web3 industry, regulatory trends, and cutting edge technological breakthroughs that will ultimately enable us to make good on the original promise of the internet

Moderator: Gigi Levi Weiss (NFX)
Speakers: Yoni Assia (eToro), Morgan Beller (NFX), Zaki Manian (Sommelier), Howard Wu (Aleo)

  • 15:00-16:00

Session 6: Enablers of the e-commerce blast

In this session, we will cover the tension between physical retail to e-commerce: Are we entering a new age of innovation in physical stores? What and how can e-commerce fight back? Who can be a retailer - How will platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and the creator economy trend change the dynamics in the market and become a big power in the retail world? How do you bring innovation from other fields to the retail world? Data, Crypto, and VR meets retail.

Moderator: Nir Sabato (Entrée Capital & The Big Picture podcast)
Speakers: Ilil Ben Zur (Tech 12), Arjun Bhatia (William Blair), Fiona Darmon (JVP), Michael Reitblat (Forter), Anat Shakedd (Nexite)

  • 16:00- 17:00

Closing plenary session

> THE PITCH 2022 winner announcement
> The time capsule: Leading entrepreneurs, investors and professionals share their forecasts for the Israeli high-tech industry in 2030
Moderator: Yoram Tietz (EY Israel)
Speakers: Tal Barnoach (Disruptive VC), Yuval Cohen (Fortissimo Capital), Alan Feld (Vintage Investment Partners), Ruthi (Simha) Furman (Viola Credit), Prof. Yitshak Kreiss (Sheba Medical Center), Gigi Levi Weiss (NFX), Dov Moran (Grove Ventures), Yifat Oron (Blackstone), Haim Sadger (S capital VC), Adi Soffer Teeni (Meta), Nadav Zafrir (Team8), Yahal Zilka (10D VC)

  • 17:00

Closing cocktail

Closing cocktail with dj OR:ON, Roy Oron, Managing Partner, OG Tech


Liad Agmon

Managing Partner, Insight Partners

Danny Akerman

Managing Partner, Key1 Capital Management

Yoni Assia

Co-Founder & CEO, eToro

Tal Barnoach

General Partner, Disruptive VC

Morgan Beller

General Partner, NFX

Omry Ben David

General Partner, Viola Ventures

Ilil Ben Zur

Editor-in-Chief, tech12

Royi Benyossef

Investment Director, Samsung Next

Arjun Bhatia

Co-Head Tech Equity Research, William Blair

Philippe Bouaziz

Co-Founder & CFO, Deel

Michael Braginsky

Co-Founder & CTO, Aidoc

Noam Canetti

Managing Partner, EY Israel

Yuval Cohen

Founder & Managing Partner, Fortissimo Capital

Gil Dabah

Co-Founder & CEO, Piiano

Christopher Danne

Managing Partner, The Blueshirt Group

Fiona Darmon

General Partner, JVP

Francesco De Ferrari

CEO Wealth Management, Credit Suisse

Joshua Dubofsky

Partner, Latham & Watkins

Dr. Eran Eden

Co-Founder & CEO, MeMed

Ido Engel

Cloud apps innovation lead, MEA, Microsoft

Brooks Evans

VP of Security Engineering, Roblox

Elad Even-Chen

CFO, Plus500

Alan Feld

Founder & Managing Partner, Vintage Investment Partners

Dana Feuchtbaum

VP of Product, Nym Health

Adam Fisher

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Justin Forsythe

Research Analyst, Credit Suisse

Ruthi (Simha) Furman

Founder & General Partner, Viola Credit

Eliran Glazer


Elliott Gotkine

Master of Ceremonies & Moderator

Stuart Grant

Head of Capital Markets, SAP

Liat Hayun

Co-Founder & CEO, Eureka Security

Marc Jaffe

New York Office Managing Partner & Former Global Chair, Corporate Department, Latham & Watkins

Irit Kahan

Partner, DTCP

Chris King

Senior Vice President, OTC Markets Group

Michal Kissos Hertzog

CEO, Poalim Hi-TECH

Prof. Yitshak Kreiss

Director General, Sheba Medical Center

Srinath Kuruvadi

Head of Cloud Security, Netflix

Yoav Leitersdorf

Managing Partner, YL Ventures

Gigi Levy Weiss

General Partner, NFX

Zaki Manian

CEO, Sommelier

Dov Moran

Managing Partner, Grove Ventures

Or Offer

Co-Founder & CEO, Similarweb

Moshe Orenbuch

Managing Director & Research Analyst, Credit Suisse

Yifat Oron

Senior Managing Director & Head of Blackstone Israel, Blackstone

Aya Peterburg

Founding Managing Partner, S Capital VC

Dr. Daniel Pindur

Managing Partner, CVC Advisers

Prof. Ehud Raanani

Director, Leviev Cardiothoracic and Vascular Center, Sheba Medical Center

Tamar Rapaport Dagim

COO & CFO, Amdocs

Michael Reitblat

Co-Founder & CEO, Forter

Mike Rimon

Partner, Meitar Law Offices

Nir Sabato

Investor, Entrée Capital & Co-Creator, The Big Picture podcast

Haim Sadger

Managing Partner, S Capital VC

Amir Schlachet

Co-Founder & CEO, Global-e

Jason Schwartz

CFO, Similarweb

Erez Shachar

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Qumra Capital

Anat Shakedd

Co-Founder & CEO, Nexite

Dan Shamgar

Partner, Meitar Law Offices

Sivan Shamri Dahan

Managing Partner, Qumra Capital

Moran Shochat Snir

Founder & CEO, Nest Genomics

Josh Siegel

CFO, CyberArk Software

Adi Soffer Teeni

VP & GM Israel, Meta

Young Sohn

Founding Managing Partner, Walden Catalyst

Justin Somaini

Chief Security Officer, Unity

Justin Sterling

Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Elad Sternlicht

Partner, EY Israel

Yoram Tietz

Managing Partner, EY Israel

Assaf Wand

Founder & Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hippo Holding Inc.

Dr. Tamir Wolf

Co-Founder & CEO, Theator

Joseph Wolf

Managing Director & CEO, Credit Suisse Israel

Howard Wu

Co-Founder, Aleo

Nadav Zafrir

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Team8

Liat Zakay

Director of Strategic Growth, Shopify

Sharon Zalewski

Partner, EY Israel

Yahal Zilka

Managing Partner, 10D VC







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The JOURNEY event will take place on October 28, 2020, at a variety of restaurants in Tel-Aviv between 16:30pm-20:00pm.
Both physical and virtual participation will be offered. So even if you join a gathering at a restaurant or joining virtually – you will be part of the entire JOURNEY community.
Please register here and we will let you know by email until 25.10.2020 if you participate at the restaurants events or at the virtual event.

JOURNEY is free this year!!!
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Due to the restrictions, the number of physical participants will be very limited and will officially be determined around the time of the event (in accordance with the purple tag).
So those who won’t be able to attend physically will enjoy the content digitally. A message specifying your form of participation (virtual or physical) will be sent prior to the event.

Registration is for the online event. Due to the restrictions, the number of physical participants is limited and will officially be determined around the time of the event (in accordance with the purple tag)  So those who won’t be able to attend physically will enjoy the content digitally.

A message regarding physical participation in the event will be sent by 25.10.2020 with all the details.

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